Stenter's Choice

  • With the development of printing technology, many screen printing machines of different brands have appeared on the market today, and there are many kinds of them, with amazing specifications and models, but the quality is uneven. Among these screen printing machines, if you want to choose a Stenter suitable for your own use, it has become a topic of concern to many users, so how to choose a suitable one for your own use?

    1. Look at the performance of the screen printing machine:
      The screen printing speed can be adjusted according to needs, the number of printed sheets can be calculated, and the machine can stop automatically according to the adjusted number of sheets. This machine adopts photoelectric sensor to control automatic feeding, the oven automatically receives the material, and the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, which effectively avoids the scratch on the substrate and improves the printing quality. Servo motor is used to control the movement of squeegee and ink-returning knife and the movement of materials. The printing and ink-returning speed can be adjusted in any section, and specific data settings can be input. The movement of materials can be inching and inching, which is convenient for equipment debugging and guarantees The stability of the printing quality and the consistency of the moving direction of the material.

      2. Price analysis of screen printing machine
      The better the quality of the screen printing machine, the more expensive it is of course. The materials and accessories used by Shenzhen Yibaolai screen printing machine are very high-quality or directly imported. The screen printing machines they produce have gone through established production procedures to ensure the consistency and stability of product standards. When an enterprise buys a silk screen printing machine, try to choose a higher grade. If the company is small or in a development stage, consider buying an economical screen printing machine to save money.

      3. Look at the manufacturer's supporting services
      The screen printing area of ​​the screen printing machine factory involves a lot of materials. Whether a satisfactory product can finally be printed is affected by many factors. Because some companies do not know much about this, they blindly purchase equipment, which ultimately leads to insufficient material supply and a passive situation. Therefore, it is best to choose materials for equipment purchase. Manufacturers with complete equipment supporting services will not evade each other from material suppliers and equipment suppliers, so that the problem can be solved smoothly.
      4. Understand the after-sales service
      When buying a screen printing machine, it is important to understand after-sales service. How to judge whether a company can provide good after-sales service? The company has long-term cooperation and can provide good services after other materials are sold, so you can buy from them with confidence. If you haven't dealt with companies before, you should visit them in person. Knowing the company's strength, working atmosphere and employees' mental outlook, display equipment, etc., you can generally see a gap of eight or nine points. It should be noted that after-sales service must not be ignored because of a little difference, as that will bring many obstacles to normal production and use in the future.
      The above how to choose a Flat Screen Printing Machine that suits you is shared with you. When choosing a screen printing machine that suits you, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the screen printing machine manufacturer. Users can choose from the above aspects. You can also find out which screen printing machine we mentioned last time is better.