How To Adjust The Flat Screen Printing Machine

  • 1Stenter entrance rack and width limiter

    Can help the cloth guide to unfold and correct the cloth, and can choose high and low positions

    2 The composite center corrector (cloth guide) has the function of guiding and straightening correction.

    3 Sizing machine (rolling car) water pressure and sizing

    4 Speed ‚Äč‚Äčcompensation device (displacement detection wheel)

    Can control the tension between the sizing machine and the setting machine

    5-thread gauze calibration product

    Can correct the yarn or the arc of the cloth area

    6 Central control panel

    Concentrate all electric adjustment functions above the entrance box,

    Covers 95% of the operating functions of the entire machine.

    7 Edge spreader and selvedge tracker

    Responsible for the unfolding of the cloth edge and the cloth edge tracking function before stitching.

    8 entrance box and retractable code upper needle cloth feeding device

    9 needles / clip chain and track

    Convey the cloth area with needle plate or splint into the oven for drying

    10 hot air circulation bellows

    Install hot air circulation windmill,

    Heat exchanger,

    For drying or setting cloth area

    Flat Screen Printing Machine's width adjustment machine

    Adjustable cloth width

    12 exhaust system

    13 cloth discharging device or cloth roll

    There are two ways to produce cloth at mercy and roll cloth