Attention To The Use Of Stenter

  • Precautions for maintenance and use of Stenter equipment:

    Automatic sheet screen printing machine

    1. Check the equipment circuit for damage and safety hazards!
    2. The squeegee lifts the round rod, the off-net screw rod, the lift screw, and the frequent moving parts frequently add butter and regular maintenance!
    3. Check the glass slag inside the equipment rack of the glass printing machine and clean it up in time!
    4. The equipment gas storage tank should be drained regularly to keep the pipeline clean and free of impurities. The working pressure of the equipment is 5.5-6 MPa!
    5. For the transmission parts, such as bearings and chains, please add butter for maintenance!
    6. Keep the equipment clean and hygienic. If there is ink, please wipe it with alcohol!
    7. Check the gas path, whether there is air leakage, whether there is wear, and replace it in time!
    8. Please add refrigerating oil to the reducer of the Flat Screen Printing Machine to keep the parts lubricated and smooth!