Introduction To Flat Screen Printing Machine Design

  •      Industrial textiles are important raw materials for manufacturing enterprises. For special textile users, the heat-fixing process is an important link in the production and processing of polyester webs for papermaking. The accuracy and quality control voltage settings are directly determined by wide Stenter. The product quality of the fabric and also the main direction of engineering is controlled by technicians in many fields, based on references to domestic and foreign literature and physical objects.

          According to the actual needs of the organization modeling process, the control strategy of the voltage tension synchronization control system based on PLC control is proposed. Combining PLC as the control core, AC inverter is used as a means to adjust the speed of the stretching motor, and the control method is used to complete the voltage tension control. The general design of tracking and debugging wide Stenter consists of three parts, namely, hardware circuit design, PC software design and control method construction.

          The design of the hardware circuit includes the selection and wiring of the PLC inverter and the selection of communication interface mode and anti-interference design. The design of the upper computer software adopts programming and configuration software for visual debugging and monitoring of the synchronous tension and compression control system. The control method is system A highlight of the design, compared with the wide Stenter control method, the control algorithm has better system response opportunities and effectiveness, and the system adopts a modular structure loop scanning method.

         According to the actual needs of polyester fabric modeling process, Flat Screen Printing Machine has developed a superior computer monitoring system, which is convenient for the control of the production process. On-site operation improves the effective control of the production site. In the tension and voltage synchronization control system with PLC as the core, especially The control strategy is added, the defect of inconsistent tensile stress rate in the traditional organization modeling process is optimized, and the internal target is filled. In the control system, the monitoring system of the main computer is also designed to provide an interactive man-machine interface for the field personnel. According to the content displayed on the screen, you can quickly set the parameters to solve the problem.