What Are The Characteristics Of Hot Air Stenter Machine

  • In the Hot Air Stenter Machine's control system, the voltage control and the more stringent, stability link control voltage and response characteristics have higher vibration accuracy. The results show that the reflection control algorithm can effectively improve the dynamic characteristics of the stress system. The tension of the tension is stable, and the tension of the needle chain can be disturbed without interference, so the stable state can be restored in 2 seconds, the lower position of the swing arm will not produce overshoot, and it can respond quickly.

    What are the characteristics of Hot Air Stenter Machine

    The control algorithm is used to reduce the jitter and position of the rocker arm, and to improve the dynamic response and characteristics of the steady-state thermal controller system. The textile industry is an important industry in China. There are many printing and dyeing companies and stereotypes. Hot Air Stenter Machine is such a user Large-scale indispensable equipment. Its main function is to dye and shape wet cloth to obtain qualified cloth. Hot Air Stenter Machine has the characteristics of large volume, high energy consumption and high structure. It is currently under the control of the regulator.

    Therefore, Hot Air Stenter Machine is set to reduce the power consumption of the whole machine under the premise of ensuring performance, so that the entire production process has good dynamic characteristics as the target research, energy consumption modeling and optimization control technology The research completed the design of the control system based on this, and successfully operated it on the industrial site. The research results have practical significance for promoting the technological progress of printing and dyeing enterprises, achieving energy saving and consumption reduction and reducing the consumption of printed and dyed fabrics.

    Based on the results of comprehensive research at home and abroad, Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory has a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of energy consumption and demand when using the Hot Air Stenter Machine for production and processing, and the combined flow control is performed in the Hot Air Stenter Machine. In the process, the energy consumption model of the forming process established by the project team members was carried out, which became the optimization solution, and the problem of the standard particle swarm based on the optimization algorithm at the same time, the energy consumption of the Hot Air Stenter Machine and the model The key parameters are optimized.