Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory Has Low Loss

  • Fully automatic Stenter is called "Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine", which is a device that prints solder paste or patches on PCB pads through a screen. In the electronic processing industry, it is mainly used for automatic Stenter screen printing signs, instrument panel screen printing signs, circuit board processing solder paste printing, etc. This machine is divided into vertical Stenter, inclined arm Stenter, disc Stenter, four-post Stenter and fully automatic Stenter.
    The main features of the fully automatic Stenter:
    1. Unique frequency conversion speed regulation device, which can realize 20-70 printing speed per minute;
    2. The electronic counter can accurately pre-adjust the timing and automatically stop counting;
    3. With multi-color printing electric eye device, operation fine-tuning, accurate point and color matching, improve printing quality;
    4. Stenter is suitable for large-area printing of background color, fine characters, outline points, etc., with clear color and no fade;
    5. The ink has strong adhesion, thick ink layer, no bleaching, no fading, good weather resistance and bright colors;
    6. It can be used with UV dryer/coating die-cutting machine/slitting machine/knife cutter/rewinding machine or alone;
    7. Use the world's best built-in servo motor, humanized design, more convenient operation;
    8. The operation of the Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory is simple, and the printing material with a high unit price is small in the trial version.