How To Shut Down Flat Screen Printing Machine

  • The Stenter setting machine is a setting equipment with superior performance and ideal processing effect. The operation given to it also has certain requirements. For example, during the shutdown, the staff also have many points to pay attention to, so as not to cause adverse effects on the equipment. So, when the stenter setting machine is shut down for operation, do you know what to pay attention to?

    First of all, for the finished guide cloth, we need to place it on the operating table. Then, select the main control button of the stenter setting machine's cloth feed, adjust it to red, and select "0" for the closed needle maintenance inlet button. When the cloth guide head reaches the cloth overfeeding roller, the equipment should be shut down and the cloth guide and the belt should be connected at the same time. Close the cooling cylinder tension motor to "0".


    Then adjust the equipment to the interface of the heating system. At this time, it is better to adjust the heating temperature to 150 degrees, and at the same time adjust the power of the circulating fan, so as to remove the remaining moisture inside the stenter setting machine. After about thirty minutes, turn off the heating equipment, and at the same time ensure that the circulating fan and exhaust fan continue to work until the temperature in the oven drops below one hundred degrees.


    After these tasks are processed, we turn off the main switch of the power supply connected to the equipment. Then, the staff should clean the stenter setting machine, while keeping the working environment clean. During this process, the equipment should be checked once to ensure that all parts are in good condition and there are no abnormal phenomena such as loosening. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the shutdown work is in place, and work can only be closed after the inspection work is completed.


    The main points of attention regarding the shutdown operation of the Flat Screen Printing Machine are shared here. It is recommended that all users and friends should operate in accordance with the specified operating requirements when using the stenter setting machine in the future to ensure the working performance of the equipment. I also hope that you can learn more about relevant knowledge so that it can be applied in work.