Introduction Of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory Scraper Ap

  • Hot Air Stenter Machine use experience:

    The Hot Air Stenter Machine scraper holder must be regularly checked for straightness. The tool holder will be deformed in long-term use. We only need to use a straight edge ruler to close to the surface of the tool holder, so that it is easy to find out whether it is deformed.

    When installing the scraper on the knife holder, make sure that the clamping plate and the knife holder are parallel. In most cases, the length of the scraper is longer than the splint. Usually there is a step on the scraper frame to locate the rear edge of the scraper, and make sure that the edge of the step is in good condition during use.

    If bolts are used to fix the scraper, make sure that they and the threads are clean and in good condition. Tighten them with a fixed-torque wrench, and set a proper torque value first, so that after the bolts are tightened, the same pressure will be used to allow the pressure plate to clamp the scraper. The steps to tighten the bolts are from the middle to the sides to the edges.

    The parallelism between the doctor blade and the anilox roll requires regular correction. Whether it is a single scraper or an ink chamber system, the knives and the anilox roller must meet the requirements of the upper and lower knives and the left and right edges of the knives when they are installed. If there is any non-parallelism with the anilox, this requires more pressure to scrape the ink cleanly , But this will cause the contact angle between the doctor blade and the anilox roller to become smaller than the better angle, which will cause printing problems

    Regularly check and correct mechanical parts, center points, inflatable shafts, bearings, etc., check for mechanical damage or wear, repair or replace them according to actual conditions.

    The plastic squeegee of the Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory can be used in many places with a good side, but there are also unsuitable places such as solvent ink supply systems or high temperature environments. Contact your supplier or test the scraper sample with solvent to verify suitability.