Common Methods To Eliminate Static Electricity In Flat Screen P

  • The tentering of the cloth on the Stenter is produced by the chain. Stenter's chain is driven by a high-power motor near the place where the cloth falls. The chain is equipped with a needle plate. When the cloth enters the chain, the brush wheel on the cloth press wheel presses the cloth onto the small needles on the needle plate. The two chains are driven into the oven. This Stenter chain is different from other Stenters. It can control the stretching of each pin clip separately to achieve good results. Some Stenters cannot regulate each pin clip, but can only grow square or trapezoid. .

        Stenter is a machine used for industrial manufacturing and styling. Stenter can be divided into: shoe upper Stenter, socks Stenter, fabric Stenter, Stenter is mainly used for weaving and shaping machines. Ordinary Stenter uses heat-conducting oil to heat the air in the Stenter, and then stops heating the fabric. When the fabric reaches a certain temperature and persists for a certain period of time, the structure of the fabric changes to achieve the purpose of shaping.

         There are several ways to eliminate static electricity on the Flat Screen Printing Machine. Usually the most common way to eliminate static electricity in factories is to connect a ground wire to the machine and lead the static electricity on the machine to the ground through the ground wire; the second is , Through humidification, the humidity in the air is increased to prevent the generation of static electricity, because the higher the humidity, the lower the static electricity generation capacity, and the dry air is more likely to generate static electricity; the third is to use a device to eliminate static electricity. Eliminate static electricity on the machine, this is an effective way to eliminate static electricity on the machine, eliminating static electricity, the human body will not feel electric shock.