Flat Screen Printing Machine Anti-cracking


      The key unit of Stenter is the coater, which mainly includes knife coater, roll coater, rotary screen coater, powder coater, etc. Its most basic form has two kinds of knife coater and roller coater. Stenter is suitable for the coating treatment of various textile flat fabrics such as nylon, nylon, polyester, as well as the primer and stent setting of rubber cloth. After ordinary fabrics are waterproof, they can be used not only as umbrellas, raincoats, tents, etc., but also as down fabrics with better wind and warmth, such as ski shirts and down jackets.

    Flat Screen Printing Machine coats water-based or oily adhesives such as PVC/PU/AC on the surface of the fabric to achieve waterproof, anti-crack, breathable, flame-retardant and other effects, and greatly increase the amount of addition. The value of the finished product. Widely used in the textile industry! Stenter coats various sizing agents on the surface of textiles, and can produce high-end clothing fabrics with air and moisture permeability and various other fabric coating products with different colors.