Flat Screen Printer Guarantees Production Efficiency


    Stenter has excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance; no carbon deposits, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, and extremely stable chemical properties; excellent fire resistance, thermal oxidation stability, low volatility; and most sealing materials, Plastic and paint are compatible. The temperature range of setting machine: -40℃~400℃, the stability under high temperature is more outstanding. Let's take a look with the shaping machine manufacturer below.

    In the process of operating the stenter setting machine, the first thing to do is to feed the shaped textile products into the setting machine through the stripper open width. After this stage is completed, the machine will automatically hang the two ends of the fabric. Connected to the needle board, both ends of the needle board enter the oven of the stenter setting machine with the mechanical operation and are heated by the electric oven.

    The sizing machine manufacturer stated that after the time interval of continuous different temperatures of the oven treatment thermostat, electrostatic treatment is carried out, and then the swing falls into the cloth car. For now, stenter setting machines are commonly used for polyester and other synthetic products.


    The main reason for the shaping of these items is to improve the feel, slip resistance, color, width, strength and appearance of textile fabrics with the help of the shaping effect of the stenter setting machine. Especially for non-cotton products, it can also play a certain stabilizing effect. In practice, it is mainly to immerse the fabric with chemical materials in the trough first, and then send it to the tenter furnace to be uniform after being uniformly pressed by the rollers. After drying the cloth, when the oven will be in the role of high temperature setting hot air, the setting cloth has a good hand feeling and dimensional stability.


    In the process of using Flat Screen Printer, it must be carried out in accordance with the relevant operations notified by the setting machine manufacturer to ensure the production effect of the setting machine products.