Stenter Automatic Feeding System


           For automatic Stenter center adjustment, both sides of the fabric are placed in the center, and the machine's feed port guides the configuration of the fabric at the exit. Since the discharge port of the upper belt guide is against the cloth roll, the guide belt Stenter feeds the fabric outlet facing the fabric outlet In the machine, Stenter's drive belt faces the roll, the drive belt is embedded in the upper fabric, and the lower Stenter drive belt interweaves the fabric as a guide belt and Stenter guide belt.

    Stenter's automatic feeding setting system operation

            When the belt tractor placed on Stenter is set, it can make the fabric leave the needle machine tensioner, and further set it to avoid the deviation of the organization, and at the same time reduce the labor intensity of the operator, and the roll of the chain The phenomenon of winding and improving the operation efficiency, now the machine center adjusts the hot air cylinder of the drive, the upper air outlet of the nozzle and the lower part of the outlet nozzle, the lower part of the air separation return device, the air passes through the Stenter upper air return device, and the lower air return device to obtain fabric Moisture on the surface.

           Since the upper air outlet and the bottom outlet air are discharged at the same time to prevent the flow of hot air at the Stenter, this can ensure sufficient dry fabric. The center of the structure is equipped with a power link unit, a stainless steel sleeve punching bump, and installation The inner wall of the bearing inner ring is matched with the inner wall of the groove, the center cylinder wear-resistant press wear-resistant cylinder protrudes, the wear-resistant cylinder block is nested in the corresponding pit on the inner wall of the stainless steel hub, the upper and lower stainless steel bushing ends The ring is formed by a row of teeth.

           For the upper surface of the Stenter, the cylindrical tooth ring surface is higher than the upper surface of the tooth column of the lower ring, and the tooth column of the upper ring is perforated in the groove, which does not guarantee the sliding between the loose metal and plastic fasteners. At the same time, some installation components of the Flat Screen Printing Machine are reduced, saving production costs, and the entire installation process can be completed by printing.