What’s a Screen Printing Machine

  • A screen printing machine refers to a device that you can use to transfer cool characters, graphics, or logos to t-shirts, mouse pads, placemats, coasters, hats, ceramic tiles, ID badges and so much more.

    The screen printing process is also known as silk screening.

    Most of the printing you see on the street shops is done using a screen printing machine.

    It’s important to note that screen printers are the perfect machines for use if you’re working on large customer orders or larger designs.

    All the t-shirts- or any other item printed using a screen printer not only washes exceptionally well but also maintains its quality for an extended period of time.

    However, don’t confuse screen printers with the heat transfer machines. The latter doesn’t last for long and tend to produce poor quality imprints.

    A screen printer works by applying thick inks that lay on top of your t-shirt as opposed to soaking into the garment.

    It works by applying one color at a time, which means that for each separate color in your design, you’ll need an additional screen.

    Interestingly, the screen printing machines come in many variables, with different sets of features. This means that whether you’re setting up a home-based t-shirt printing business or a big enterprise, you can get the best model that meets your needs.

    That is, if you’re setting up a home business, you can get an affordable, simple machine that does the job well.

    And if you’re setting up a large t-shirt printing business, you’ll try to get an industrial-grade, heavy-duty machine that meets your printing needs and expectations.

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