Hot Air Stenter Negotiation Strategy

  •    An excellent negotiator will definitely formulate a good Hot Air Stenter negotiation strategy and let the negotiation win at the beginning. So what are the strategies that must be mastered at the beginning of the negotiation?
       When using a negotiated opening strategy, you should speak neither humble nor overbearing, justified and well-founded, so that it is easier to gain the trust and appreciation of the other party and the negotiation will proceed smoothly.
       Successful negotiations need to be conducted in a good atmosphere. The formation and changes of the negotiation atmosphere directly affect the negotiation process.
    If the negotiation goes smoothly and the two parties have a very harmonious conversation, you should seize the opportunity to end the initial stage of the negotiation. You can say: "Now we have reached an agreement on the big issue of open rotary screen printer. Let's discuss the specifics. What do you think of the details?"
       If there is some unpleasantness in the opening stage, in order to alleviate the atmosphere of the negotiation, you can apply for a suspension before entering the open rotary screen printer for substantial negotiation. At this moment, you can say: "Everyone is a little tired now, why not take a break and talk about it later?"