Hot Air Stenter Speed Range

  •       The range of Hot Air Stenter process speed in the non-woven production line is mainly 5m/min~20m/min. According to the specific process, the frequency of the non-woven production line used is also different. Among them, the motor below 50Hz mainly has a constant torque output. In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the high and low speed sections in the work project, when selecting the capacity of the inverter, the power of the AC inverter motor should be increased accordingly.

          In a unit machine, static performance and dynamic performance are equally important. By optimizing the adjustment of the corresponding parameters in the inverter, a relatively satisfactory static performance can be achieved. At the same time, after the on-site measurement and theoretical comparison are realized, the parameters are adjusted in the PLC program for proofreading to eliminate the static caused by the objective conditions in the theoretical calculation. deviation. Then, dynamic synchronization is also very important, and its significance mainly refers to whether the linear speed changes of the unit machine are consistent during the speed up and down process.

          The heterogeneous automation of open rotary screen printer has now become the bottleneck of modern manufacturing engineering technology, especially for information integration in large-scale system integration projects. Whether in the stage of enterprise construction or in the long-term development stage after investment, choosing the right equipment with obvious advantages is the right choice. With the continuous development of my country's science and technology, my country's corresponding products have also been enriched and developed. It is believed that the textile industry will develop rapidly in the near future.