Introduction To The Problem Of Open Rotary Screen Printer

  • For Hot Air Stenter, below, we will continue to introduce the products of this website, that is, to explain its related knowledge or answer related questions, so that everyone can continue to learn and understand on the basis of existing ones. Go on, so as to increase one's own professional knowledge in this area, to get new gains from it.
    1. What is the working process of Hot Air Stenter?
    The working process of the stenter setting machine, specifically speaking, is:
    First, the unshaped cloth is fed into the setting machine through the stripper open width, and then the two ends of the cloth are hung on the needle plate, and the two ends of the needle plate are brought into the oven with the mechanical operation . After that, it is heated in an oven, and when it enters the end, it is cooled and destaticized. In this way, its swing can be dropped into the cloth car, thereby obtaining the desired effect.
    2. In Hot Air Stenter, what are the burners used in it? In addition, if the Hot Air Stenter has an oblique position, how to deal with it?
    In Hot Air Stenter, the burners used generally depend on the technical requirements and specific configurations. Therefore, there are many brands for everyone to choose from. As for the oblique position of the Hot Air Stenter, its processing is: if the sizing machine has two motors, then it can be solved by adjusting the motor speed, and if it is one motor, then it is in progress. Weft trimmers are added at the cloth frame and the front of the car.
    3. After the jersey passes through the open rotary screen printer, if there are vertical stripes on the surface, what is the problem?
    If this problem occurs on the open rotary screen printer, then the specific reason is: the shrinkage of the fabric structure is too large. Moreover, sometimes, this is inevitable. Through the open rotary screen printer, only fine-tuning can be performed, but this problem cannot be completely solved. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to it and not take it lightly.