The Behavior Of Hot Air Stenter Damaging The Nozzle

  •   Hot Air Stenter is a commonly used office equipment. Which types of nozzle operations are most likely to damage the nozzles, do you know? Let's learn about it below.

      1, Hot Air Stenter will not be powered when disassembling and installing the nozzle during maintenance.

    If the power is not completely turned off, install or remove the circuit of the Hot Air Stenter at will. This wrong operation method can easily cause short circuit of related circuits, especially the nozzle, which is more likely to cause damage to the nozzle. Therefore, this operation must be done. Pay attention to the operation after power off.

      2. Improper use of cleaning fluid

      Long-term soaking in the cleaning solution is beneficial to clear the stains, but if the nozzle is soaked in the cleaning solution for more than 2 days, negative effects will occur. Generally, the maximum time we soak the nozzle should not exceed 30 hours. In addition, it is not advisable to immerse the entire nozzle in the cleaning solution. Since there are many electronic components on the nozzle, and most of the cleaning fluid is corrosive, you must pay attention when immersing it. You can only soak and spray the right part, or take an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid directly into the nozzle for cleaning. When cleaning the nozzle, pay attention to waterproofing the circuit board and other exposed electronic components.

       3. Do not pay attention to electrostatic protection

       The normal inkjet printing of the Piezo Hot Air Stenter is greatly affected by static electricity, so do not touch the nozzle directly with your hands during the maintenance operation of the nozzle. Wear protective gloves when maintaining the nozzle, and always check the connection of the ground wire.

       4. Irregularly adjust the position of the nozzle

       When using external force to adjust the position of the nozzle, no matter whether it is changing or fine-tuning the nozzle, do not use brute force. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications.

       5. Frequent nozzle cleaning operations.

       Frequent cleaning of the print head is also an improper behavior. On the one hand, it wastes a lot of ink, and on the other hand, it will also affect the print head. The frequency of nozzle cleaning is generally recommended to be thoroughly cleaned once a month, and the "automatic cleaning" function in the software can be used in normal use.

       6. Use poor quality ink

    The open rotary screen printer uses inferior ink and randomly replaces different batches of ink and ink suppliers. Inferior ink not only affects the color and quality of the printed pattern, but also damages the Hot Air Stenter nozzles, and may directly cause the nozzles in serious cases. For irreversible losses such as blockages, it is recommended that users purchase original inks from the manufacturer or inks recommended by related manufacturers. This is very important. Don't try to be cheap and cause big operations.