The Main Purpose Of Hot Air Stenter

  • The main purpose of Hot Air Stenter is to shape the continuous thread with textile standards after being assembled and twisted, that is, to use chemical fiber, real silk fabric, wool velvet, cotton yarn, curtain cloth, wrinkle cloth, printed fabric, The shape of suits, etc. That is, the non-twisted yarn with a stable twist and balanced twist under a certain pressure and temperature is conducive to the processing of the subsequent process and the improvement of product quality. For the cotton yarn with strong twist, the choice of textile setting machine seems to be very important.

      Hot Air Stenter is equipped with automatic unwinding system, eight separate feeding systems, automatic pre-shrinking system, automatic take-up system, webbing elastic automatic tension sensor, and the pre-shrinking rate setting can be carried out according to the shrinkage rate of the webbing itself. Hot Air Stenter uses a low-damage coaxial output resonator with a high quality factor, depending on the size of the electrical level: and the thickness of the product. The power can be easily adjusted by a specially designed co-tuning frequency modulator, which can quickly weld the products and further increase the total output . The Hot Air Stenter is equipped with protection equipment. In actual operation, when the current load exceeds the stable specified value, the overload current relay automatically disconnects the high voltage to maintain the oscillation tube and ballast.

       Hot Air Stenter uses a special mechanical structure design, which can make the pressure uniform, stable up and down, light and heavy can be adjusted at will, so that the actual effect of electric welding of the product is consistent, and the product quality is further improved. The Hot Air Stenter is equipped with a standard/high-sensitivity flame suppression power supply circuit, which can accurately detect the unbalanced current caused by the flame. Therefore, the high-frequency current can be automatically disconnected at the moment the flame is caused, so that the abrasive tools, raw materials and products Harm reduction.

    Hot Air Stenter can be equipped with standard air pressure, vapor pressure, increase, and electric heating equipment: for special processing needs and power saving, this series of models can be additionally equipped with electric heating equipment; for labor saving and product pressure uniformity, JGP -T model can also be equipped with standard air pressure, steam pressure, increase, electric heating equipment applications. Hot Air Stenter can be equipped with program control equipment, using fully intelligent program flow integrated circuit chip equipment, does not ignite, does not burn LU type high-frequency switch, not weak current and other advantages, greatly reducing abrasive tools, LU type high-frequency switch, insulation The cost of layer material also increases the service life of the high-frequency machine.

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