Introduction Of Adjustment Of Screen Printing Machine In Flat S

  •        The screen printing machine is also one of the screen printing machines, and it is also a new type of equipment in the printing company today. It is a device for printing text and images. The screen printing machine belongs to the more symbolic printing in the stencil printing machine. Machine equipment, in the entire process of application, the accuracy of the adjustment version immediately jeopardizes the precision of the printing parts of the printing process, so what is the adjustment method of the screen printing machine? The staff of the Zhejiang Li Cheng Printing & Dyeing Machine Technology Co., Ltd. -  Flat Screen Printer Factory is detailed below Introduction:

    1. Adjust the flatness between the three layers of slide rail, printing plate and working platform. If these three layers are not parallel, the screen printer is basically unable to work. Generally, the slide rail or service platform is used as the adjustment standard.

           ①The service platform and the slide rail should be parallel, and the ink scraping version is for fitness exercise along the slide rail. If the two are not parallel, the scraper will not easily touch the service platform with a certain working pressure from the beginning to the end, or even there will be gaps. The equipment has been adjusted before the factory.

           ②The screen printing plate and the service platform should be parallel, otherwise the screen distance is inconsistent, resulting in inconsistent working pressure of the squeegee printing and the deformation of the screen printing plate. Therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself should also be ensured. The customer must clearly state the actual regulations.

    1. Squeegee adjustment

           ①The adjustment of the flatness of the squeegee to the service platform, each with a ball screw up and down can be adjusted separately; the middle and middle drive shafts with top and bottom can adjust the top and bottom thread, which is essentially the Low part.

           ②The adjustment amount of the tilt angle of the scraper is generally within the range of 65-85 degrees, which can be selected according to.

           ③ The adjustment of the printing work pressure should be carried out in coordination with the adjustment of the printing plate and the printing table distance. In screen printing, the adjustment of the printing working pressure is actually the adjustment of the height and height of the squeegee.

           ④The length of the scraper board can not be adjusted. Generally, it is supplied as a module. There are several different lengths for each piece.

    1. Adjust the scraping rate.

           Generally, the adjustment of the cycle time size of the circulation system in all the work is completed through the adjustment rocker of the infinitely variable speed equipment. To ensure the consistency of the important links. Each kind of operation adjustment is equipped with a relative clamping structure, and the squeegee printing work must be carried out under the clamping condition. The installation and maintenance of the Hot Air Stenter generally have actual requirements and regulations in the user manual of the equipment, and the customer can refer to the implementation. Itinerary adjustment. Including the size of the travel arrangement and the adjustment of the travel arrangement. The hot air tenter that selects the crank structure and the swing rod structure can complete the stroke arrangement adjustment according to the adjustment of the crank and swing rod half-length holes, the ruler is raised, and the stroke arrangement is increased. The hot air tenter with pneumatic organization can adjust the stroke arrangement according to the adjustment of the limit switch. The stroke arrangement of the hot air tenter with the drive chain drive cannot be adjusted.