New World rolls out patch 1.3.2

  • New World has rolled out its latest update, Patch 1.3.2. This update won't bring any new content to the game, but it will tweak its endgame content and fix some ongoing issues. The endgame update in the update includes fixes for messaging issues that occurred during advanced mutations. Another issue has been fixed, which occurred when players tried to upgrade their equipment while the store was open.

    There are also some general updates and fixes that cause movement speed issues for players in PVP. For those players participating in wars or invasions, an issue has been fixed that would allow players to participate in the event multiple times. This is friendly for those novice players, because their game operation level is not smooth, which can effectively help them complete the task. Players don't forget to collect New World Gold, this is a key step in the game leveling up.

    Among the game's weapons, the axe is the focus of this patch. An issue with the On Fire passive has been fixed so players will crit everything on the third hit. This is also good news for players. Previous game bugs have seriously affected their challenge speed, which is not good for players' game upgrades.

    That's all the changes in today's patch. Fans are eagerly awaiting new content, so perhaps in the next few weeks we'll have more information on any new additions to the works. Also, if players are not satisfied with New World Coins they get in the game, they can directly buy New World Coins on IGGM.