New World is about to release new weapons

  • One of the best things in New World is the game's weapons. There are plenty of new weapons to choose from, and players can choose to play their class in the game. Additionally, the developers seem to be very committed to creating new weapons, such as the Void Gauntlet as a secondary healing weapon.

    Many fans of the game wanted different ranged weapons, while others wanted to run wild around Aeternum as knights. Assassin players want a dagger combo for up-close encounters, meanwhile, New World's blunderbuss weapon is almost done. Players need to use New World Gold in the game to get these latest weapons.

    Blunderbuss seems to be New World's next weapon. During the livestream, the devs mentioned that Blunderbuss is almost ready, and since we know what's in the January update, we'll probably have information about it by February or March at the latest. As for the way the weapon plays, we can expect it to be a mid-range weapon. The developers describe the New World blunderbuss as an explosive, fast, running weapon. No details on the exact skill, but Amazon Gaming suggests a ranged weapon that would better compliment the melee build, and perhaps staff users.

    Amazon Games has confirmed that the Greatsword is a weapon that will come to the New World at some point. This weapon switches stances, which means skills may affect how heavy and light attacks work. As for the release window, it's still under active development. We estimate it will expire before the end of the spring, as there seems to be about three to four months between new weapons. As a final note, if you want to buy New World Gold, you can go to IGGM.

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