Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Miner Leveling Guide

  • In Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, players may wish to upgrade their mining to level 90. The mining Disciple of the Land skill in FFXIV will allow players to find ore, precious stones, and fossils from Eorzea that will be useful to craft into items, especially for blacksmiths. To become a miner, the player must have at least one 10 Disciple of War or Magic.

    In order to initially upgrade mining skills in Final Fantasy XIV, players will be able to increase their level by collecting minerals. As they progress in the early levels, players will need to find and collect more FFXIV Gil. Once players reach level 50 mining, they should purchase a full set of mining equipment, which will help upgrade faster.

    To reach the 80 mining level in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, players will need manuals, which can be purchased using FFXIV Gil. To reach level 90 in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, players will need another way to improve their mining skills.

    The best way to gain experience in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker to reach level 90 is through collections. To use this method, the player must unlock the collectible appraiser in Radz-at-han. The easiest way to complete most of the collection requirements is to use two-color gems, but players can also send combat retainers to loot them. Some crafting recipes also need to drop monsters, which may be difficult to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.