Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker still faces long queue times

  • Final Fantasy XIV still faces a long FFXIV Gil after the release of Endwalker. The latest expansion of MMORPG entered Early Access on December 2nd, and then was fully released on December 7th. It has been nearly a week, but these login queues have not shortened yet.

    Producer and director Naoki Yoshida provided another update on server congestion over the weekend and apologized for the inconvenience caused. Naoki Yoshida explained that the peak figure for the weekend just past was slightly lower than the previous one. However, as the team repaired login errors and increased the upper limit of the login queue, the queue became technically larger and larger. However, players are adapting to server congestion by logging in during quieter times, so this may help them.

    Although the team is steadily fixing login errors, Final Fantasy XIV error 2002 is still the most prominent. Yoshida explained that this situation was common before, because it would happen if there were more than 17,000 players in the login queue. The team has managed to increase the login limit, which has alleviated the problem, but due to the strength of the player’s Internet connection, errors may also occur. Although Yoshida recommends that players use hard-wired Internet connections whenever possible, the team currently has no fixes. In addition, the FFXIV Gil earned by players in the game is very beneficial to their upgrades.

    Yoshida also admitted errors 90002 and 90006, which reportedly occurred in cutscenes. The team is working on it, but there are currently no updates to share. Final Fantasy XIV made a round of fixes to Endwalker login errors last week, and at least they seem to have paid off. Finally, players are better to Buy FFXIV Gil in advance.