Printing Fabric Company Introduces Dyeing Requirements


    Printing Fabric Company introduces the method of dyeing:

    1. Dipping. A dyeing method in which textiles are immersed in a dye solution, and the dyes are dyed on the fibers and fixed in the fibers for a certain period of time. Features: It is suitable for dyeing of various forms of textiles; intermittent production, low production efficiency; relatively simple equipment and easy operation.

    2. Pad dyeing. Pad dyeing is to immerse the textile fabric in the dye solution for a short time, and then press it with a roller, squeeze the dye solution into the tissue gap of the fabric, and remove the excess dye solution, so that the dye is evenly distributed on the fabric. Dyeing is (or is mainly) done in a later process such as steaming or baking. Features: continuous dyeing process, high production efficiency, suitable for dyeing large-scale textile fabrics, but the dyed material is subject to high tension, usually used for dyeing woven fabrics, and sometimes pad dyeing is also used for tow and yarn.

    Through the above introduction, China 3D Embossed Fabric Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.


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