China Pigment Printing Fabric Wholesalers Introduces The Requir


    China Pigment Printing Fabric Wholesalers introduces what is the water pumping method.
    Equipment used: sofa brush, sprayer, water absorber, sauna machine, high temperature cleaning machine. Material used: high-foaming stain remover. Operation method:
    1. Fully vacuum with a vacuum cleaner;
    2. Dilute the cleaning agent, and it can also be injected into the water tank;
    3. Spray the cleaner on the sofa;
    4. After 10-15 minutes of action, the stain will be removed from the fiber;
    5. Use the sauna machine and the high-temperature cleaning machine alternately, after at least two washings;
    6. While cleaning the sofa, use a water absorbing machine to absorb the washed sofa;
    7. Let the sofa dry completely. In order to speed up the drying of the sofa, you can start the sofa dryer.