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  • For a variety of reasons, including those listed below, real hair wigs have gained popularity in recent years. In fact, they are considered to be more realistic than synthetic hair alternatives, as well as more comfortable and natural-looking than other types of hair extensions. It will take a significant amount of time and effort to keep them in good condition, so be prepared to put in the necessary time and effort. The following are some suggestions for extending the life of your real hair wig and ensuring that it continues to serve you well for as long as possible:

    Real Hair Wigs: How to Take Care of Your Brand-New Acquisition

    During your time in the spotlight, it will be critical for you to take excellent care of your wigs and other accessories.

    Before you begin, gently detangle any tangles that may have formed in the wig with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, taking care not to overdo the detangling. If you start at the plant's ends and work your way slowly toward the roots, you'll be more likely to avoid causing any damage to it along the way. Keep in mind to brush your teeth after you've completed your task.

    It is important not to allow the wig to become wet. Instead of using hot water to rinse your hair, it is preferable to use cool running water, and the water should be allowed to run through your hair from root to tip until it is completely rinsed human hair wigs available on the internet as well as the ability.

    Finish by running your fingers through your hair gently in a downward motion, using a small amount of color-treated hair shampoo to complete the process. Always double-check your work to ensure that the product has been applied evenly and completely throughout your hair from roots to ends.

    Rewash the wig under cool running water one more time until the water runs clear of any soap residue that has accumulated. After that, gently squeeze the hair to press out any excess water that has accumulated without twisting or wringing it.


    Prepare for the Future by Taking Action NowYour hairdo and makeup are both absolutely stunning, as is your overall appearance.

    Using a small amount of conditioner in the palm of your hand, make sure it is specifically designed for color-treated hair this time, and comb it through your hair in a downward motion, ensuring that it is distributed evenly through your hair. In order to keep the wig from falling out, keep your hands away from the base and roots and brush it from mid-shaft to the ends from time to time.

    Leave the conditioner on for one to two minutes; never leave it on for more than three to five minutes, depending on the instructions on the conditioner. Remove the conditioner after one to two minutes. After one to two minutes, remove the conditioner from your hair. Remove the conditioner from your hair after one to two minutes of application.

    This can be accomplished by keeping the wig submerged in cool running water until it is completely clean (the water should run clear). Excess water can be removed from your hair by pressing it out with a clean, dry towel or squeezing it out. This will keep your hair looking clean and fresh. Neither twisting nor wiping it out of its socket are acceptable methods of removal.

    Finally, but certainly not least, place the wet wig on a drying rack and allow it to dry completely on its own until it is completely dry.

    Creating a distinctive visual appearance

    Of course, the final appearance you desire will determine the best way to care for your wigs, which should go without saying, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Because they are made of real hair, you will be able to style them in a manner that is very similar to the manner in which you would style your own hair. In order to avoid being injured while using it, however, you must exercise extreme caution when doing so. The following are the fundamental principles to consider:

    Prior to releasing the curling iron from your hairstyle, it is recommended that you wrap your hair around the curling iron and hold it in place for 10 seconds.

    The wig can be smoothed and straightened by taking a one-inch section of hair and running it through a flat iron from roots to ends, starting at the front of the wig and working your way backward.

    Use hairspray if you want to keep the finished product looking neat and tidy for a longer period of time after it has been styled.