I don't know how people don't fully concur with you

  • When I go to get a steal, Quit go through my body. While I poke at the ball out of someone's hands stop putting me in that cartoon where both or our gamers are dance, trying to scramble to find the ball, I snapped it out, obviously it is more likely that I'm likely to MT 2K21 react first. I'm just praying 21 is great, 4 trash 2k's in a row could be a pretty bad look. If the devs don't improve NBA 2K21 for us, hopefully they get it done for Kobe (R.I.P.).

    I don't know how people don't fully concur with you. This sport is indeed trash there is no skill level this season. I'm tired of seeing builds that have no business shooting moving 4/4 in both and before people start saying I'm trash I have a 80 win percentage and it's only that low today since I play randoms when I'm really bored. People will need to quit justifying it! A 70 3 should be like Westbrook yeah you may strike on a 3 here and there but which shouldn't be your move to for crime. I am hoping 2k does a much better job with the assembles since I'm tired of seeing things such as this and please stop bailing people out when I play great D just the other day that this dude actually hit a 100% Nominal 3 in my head like what is that! Anyways this game is crap but just like every year they got me by the balls since there isn't any other basketball games.

    I love this, bruh. Everybody's entitled to their opinion ig. This shooting big man item. It's gotta go. There is NO WAY a center should be shooting. No way. If you want a centers who can shoot lights out, he ought to be good at exactly that, nothing else, for the sake of equilibrium. The entire bail out thing l happens so frequently, to the point where it's become normal, and there is no way to justify that. And a 80 win% is not low, bruh I got 70%. I mean u have a point. But there's men like brook Lopez and men like Ryan Anderson who just see over everyone.

    Like with fucking badges lol, why complicate the machine. Just construct a participant. I'm perfectly happy not finishing dumb flashy dunks if it means others don't either.Obviously there will be balance issues if you could pull up to playground using a KD or Giannis build, but I see what you mean and totally agree. It's around 2k to discover a middle ground between letting us make versatile builds similar to real NBA players, like you suggested, and preventing them from getting overly good at everything and being broken. NBA 2k16's build system was PERFECTION, and why they changed it I have no clue!

    Yeah accurate and I guess it's impossible to please everyone but we need a balance of NBA 2K21. Let builds really mean something. An inside finisher should be enjoying at the paint and that is about it but I know a lot of folks do not agree with me and believe that a 65-70 3 ought to be shooting like ray allen lol but yeah this game sometimes gets excruciating I've deleted it I do not even know how many times. And thanks bro honestly anything more than a 70 is decent to me but there was moment where I was prideful in my win percentage I have seen it Buy NBA 2K21 MT sink so much recently lol I think I am in a 78 now tbh but I have not checked in a minute. Hopefully 2k produces a balance match this year however. What you play on?