Choose the Right Custom Curtain Rod Color


    Choose the darkest colour in the room
    Look at the dark furniture in the room when choosing a colour for Custom Curtain rod. In the room shown below, the beams, accent chair, and the base of the lamp relate to the espresso rod colour.

    Curtain Rod Colour DarkSource

    Here again in the bedroom below, the thin, dark coloured rods are repeated in the canopy bed and the bedroom accent furniture.

    Bedroom Curtain Rod Colour

    Curtain rod matches bed frame

    House of Turquoise

    Choose a curtain rod colour that makes them disappear
    The curtain rods appear to be white in the bedroom below. This helps to make the curtain rods almost disappear in this mostly white bedroom, instead of drawing unnecessary attention to them. The curtain rods do not need to be the star of the show in this light and airy bedroom design.

    White Bedroom Curtains

    Choose a curtain rod colour that relates to the metals in the room
    Brushed stainless rods coordinate nicely with the light fixture and grey tones in this Manhattan apartment interior.

    stainless grey curtain rods

    Brass curtain rods are a great choice for this room because they relate to all the varying gold tones in the living room decor and accessories. A darker bronze curtain rod would have also worked in this room as it coordinates with the sofa and fireplace.

    brass curtain rod colour

    Although this room below is lovely, there is very little brass or gold in this room to relate to the curtain rod (maybe in the picture frame?). In this room, the curtain rod colour is a statement all its own. I think a brown rod would also look nice to tie in with the accent furniture.

    Bright Gold Curtain Rod Colour

    Hanging drapery on a track works if you want a clean look and don’t have too much space above your window. Because these are doors, they are taller and don’t leave too much space between the ceiling and the top of the window. I think this look would have been much better if the track was either painted the same colour as the ceiling or black.

    The Best Way to Choose the Colour of Your Curtain Rods | Maria KillamSource

    In my living room, I opted for brushed stainless rods because I already have lots of contrast with my pink colour blocking curtains and didn’t need to add more by detail by introducing black rods. My curtain rods also relate to the stainless steel legs of my white chairs.

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