Hexamethyldisiloxane: Explanation Of Related Matters


    What is HMDSO? :
    Organosilicon compounds are organometallic compounds containing carbon and silicon bonds. HMDSO is basically an organic silicon compound. The volatile colorless liquid is used as a solvent and reagent in organic synthesis. The liquid is prepared by hydrolysis of trimethylsilyl chloride.

    Hexamethyldisiloxane    can be prepared by hydrolysis of trimethylsilyl chloride. This is also the result of the hydrolysis of silyl ether and other silyl-protected functional groups. Hexamethyldisiloxane or HMDSO is mainly used as a source of trimethylsilyl functional groups in organic synthesis.


    Organic compound chemistry:
    The IUPAC name of hexamethyldisiloxane is trimethyl, namely trimethylsiloxysilane. It is also called disiloxane, hexamethyl. The various categories of the product are organics, siloxanes, Si (classification of silicon compounds), Si-O compounds, synthetic organic chemistry and silicon compounds (for synthesis). Hexamethyldisiloxane is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with high stability, but it is moisture sensitive. The compound is highly flammable, so it must be kept away from any sources of ignition or open flame. When heated to decompose, it will emit pungent fumes. In addition, the chemical must be sealed in a container and should be stored in a cool, dark, well-ventilated and dry place.

    Security features:

    HMDSO is used as an internal standard for calibration. HMDSO has poorer solvating power than alkanes. It can be used in liquid bandages such as Cavillon spray to protect damaged skin from irritation of other body fluids. Hexamethyldisiloxane can also be used to soften and remove residual glue left on the injured area of ​​the body by medical tape and bandages without causing any further skin irritation.
    Because it is the main product of intermediate pharmacy, the preparation of low-k dielectric materials for the semiconductor industry is being continuously studied by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition.

    Preparation of hexamethyldisiloxane:
    62.49 g (0.575 mol) of trimethylchlorosilane was added to a solution of 72.7 g (0.06 mol) of N, N-dimethylaniline and 7 g of water, and refluxed for one hour. After drying, we can collect 98-101 ° C fractions using atmospheric distillation to obtain 43-44g of product. The yield is 92-94%. 2 (CH3) 3SiCl + H2O → (CH3) 3SiO (CH3) 3Si + 2HCl

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