Is Katrina's Purification Worth 10000 Animal Crossing Bells?

  • Katrina is a female blue panther. Her birthday is October 28, Scorpio. Katrina has violet eyeshadow and bright almond-shaped orange eyes with white lashes. If you don't believe in destiny in Animal Crossing New Horizons, Katrina will break your cognition. Getting ready to meet Katrina at Buy Animal Crossing Items in advance is very kind to you.


    Katrina's main job role is to tell fortunes. In the game, she wears a multi-color patchwork robe, a gold tiara, and a gold bracelet. Just like the noble cats of Egypt, they are very noble. Katrina's services are chargeable. Fortunately. The service fee price is not high, only 50 bells.

    Animal Crossing Katrina

    ACNH Bells are the currency of Animal Crossing New Horizons island life. The smallest denomination of Bells is 100, and it looks like a gold coin. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to earn bells. The bells in your account can be used to repay the home loan from Tom Nook, go to ABLE Sister to buy the latest clothing, etc. If you are missing bells, your island design will be difficult.


    Katrina doesn't show up randomly. she shows up any day of the week. The outside of her tent is mostly red, green, and gold. Entering the tent, you'll see Katrina standing behind a purple table with cards, which I'm guessing are tarot cards, a crystal ball, some bells, and two small torches.

    Animal Crossing Gold Nuggets

    Katrina's service is unique. After paying 10,000 bells, she will start her job. First, she will come to give you a luck prediction. The Luck Prediction is a simple test to determine if you are in bad luck, and you pay 1000 bells for this simple test. After the test, Katrina will tell you about your belongings or tell you the status of your friendship with the villagers. If Katrina predicts that you are out of luck, she can perform additional cleansing spells.


    The purification fee for Katrina is a steep price, but it's worth paying for. If you choose not to purify, you will experience all kinds of unfortunate events. Your island villager friendship will be significantly reduced, tripping while running, easily damaged tools, ACNH Kapp'n trip to the island of disappointment, etc. Your bad luck can have long-lasting bad effects on your island. The losses will be enormous.

    Katrina fortune-telling for players

    All things considered, paying 10,000 bells for Katrina's doom purge in ACNH is worth it. Not only does this save players from expensive and annoying doom, but it also provides access to rare and exclusive items. Believe in good luck. ACbellsbuy can offer you a way to Buy ACNH Items at discounted prices.