The Production Process Of Disposable Cleaning Wipe


    A few years ago, I made Disposable Cleaning Wipefor the first time. I like them! They are a convenient way to clean up quickly and are cheaper than store-bought disposable pop-up wipes.

    However, the point of this original recipe is to use a roll of paper towel to wipe the wipes-but-don't cut the paper roll in half like most other recipes. I put my rolls in a gallon beverage can (perfect for a roll of paper towels) and am content to open and close the lid of the can to wipe when needed.

    Well, I was content to do this for a while. Over time, I found myself getting more and more tired of gallon-sized pitchers, and a little tired of pitchers without pop-up style. I really like how wet wipes work, so I decided it was time to try a smaller version of this recipe.

    It's time to cut that stupid roll of tissue in half. It's time to make homemade disposable cleaning wipes-version 2!

    Homemade disposable cleaning wipes using natural cleaning ingredients
    Cutting towels is really not as difficult as I thought. However, I did not use my favorite chef's knife to make it. I used another big knife because I still felt that cutting paper would really dull the knife. With a little saw and poking, I cut the towel in half in about a minute. After the initial cut, I found it helpful to still use scissors to cut some loose pieces along the cutting edge so that it can be cut straighter and cleaner.

    Making method of self-made disposable cleaning wipes
    It is also important to use high-quality tissues in this project, so I used Viva brand tissues again. Cheap towels can easily fall apart once they are wetted by the cleaning fluid.

    Homemade cleaning wipes container
    The next step is to find a smaller container for my half-size towel roll. I saw the recommendation to use recycled coffee containers, and Folgers 24.2 ounces is indeed the correct size. I picked one from the trash can in the office where I worked, and sprayed it with a type that can be glued to plastic (I used zucchini-colored Rustolem).

    How to make homemade cleaning wipes
    Then I prepared the lid. Just cut an "X" on the top of the lid and you can create the right type of opening to pull the wipes.

    Making method of self-made disposable cleaning wipes
    Now to make wet wipes!

    Homemade disposable wipes cleaning fluid
    After the container is ready, a half-sized towel roll can be placed in it. I understand that you don’t have to worry about whether the towel roll is higher than the container. Once the towel is wet, it will compact a bit, and you can indeed close the lid without any problems.

    In order to moisten the towel with the cleanser, I just scaled down the previous mixture slightly. I used:

    1 cup distilled water
    2 tablespoons white vinegar
    A small amount of detergent
    8 drops tea tree essential oil

    I mixed the mixture in a 2 cup measuring cup, and then slowly poured it onto a paper towel in the container to moisten it. After adding all the liquid, you can pull the cardboard roll from the middle of the towel and throw it away. Find the first towel in the center of the roll and pull it through the opening you cut in the coffee container lid.

    Your pop-up homemade disposable cleaning wipes are now ready to use!

    Homemade disposable cleaning wipes made with natural ingredients
    More notes:

    In the past few years that I have used these wipes, I have never let them mold. A I believe this is because of the importance of distilled water and tea tree oil in the mixture. I will avoid replacing these two ingredients. Vinegar also helps, and it also helps clean.

    After using my new wipes, I did notice that they are smaller than my original version. .. Because of DUH, I cut the paper towel roll in half.

    So my two versions have their pros and cons.

    A bigger version? It's great to not have to cut off a roll of towels, and you will also have larger wipes. However, you need a larger container, and a larger container may mean you have to make do without a pop-up lid. There is no pop-up lid, and the wipe feels inconvenient to use. (Read more about my larger version here: Disposable Cleaning Wipes Version 1)

    The smaller version? The smaller version feels more convenient, you can reuse the recycling container, and the pop-up lid is certainly more convenient. But the wet wipes are indeed a bit smaller because the roll has been cut in half.

    Either way, when you just want to wipe quickly, making your own homemade disposable cleaning wipes for counters or surfaces is very simple-and-you can also use natural ingredients in the cleaning solution.

    Of course, this is just a step to make by yourself. If you are interested in more, you can contact us at Yaojin. After all, we are a professional Disposable Wax Strips Factory and can provide you with more help.