The Best Location to Farm Legendary Items in Fallout 76


    Legendary items are the best items in Fallout 76. They can have between one and five additional unique powers and they can only be obtained by defeating Legendary monsters. Legendary monsters rarely spawn in locations with high monster density, and stars that are displayed right next to the Legendary monster's name determine how many Legendary powers (mods) the unique Fallout 76 Item they drop can have.

    Obviously, you want to farm in locations where you have to highest chance to encounter Legendary monsters and loot the best Legendary Weapons and Armors in the game. We have decided to list all the best locations for Legendary Items farming!

    Weapon and Armor Emporiums

    I wanted to address this before moving on to methods because I think it will save some people from disappointment and heartache. There is a lot going around about how weapon and armor emporiums are the best way of farming legendaries. I can’t confirm or deny this but, I will say, currently it’s not worth your time (skip to 2.3 for reason why). If you don’t care about this and just want to get to the killing methods skip to section 3.

    The level 4 merchants are very buggy at the moment and it is pretty risky to invest in them. You need to invest a minimum of 4 perks (2 in Local leader and 2 in cap collector) just to recruit the legendary merchants and there is a good chance they will not appear at your settlement. For legendary weapons and armor there are two merchants you will be interested in, the armor scribe and Smiling Larry.

    Watoga Emergency Services

    On the second floor of this building, a Legendary Enemy has a chance to spawn. Tag it and bag it, then Log and Relog to lather, rinse, repeat. Potential enemy groups range from Feral Ghouls, robots, and possibly even a Wendigo if the game is feeling spicy.

    What's Great About Farming Here

    Aside from the lone known Legendary spawn that occurs here, a power armor chassis with T-series armor can be found on the rooftop.

    The location is an easy hit and run farm for people properly geared for the Watoga area, with their fancy builds and running around all Bloodied and stuff.

    West Tek Research Center

    This is where Super Mutants come from, where the vats they are birthed from are stored, with a design harkening back to the vats seen at Mariposa in the original Fallout. You will find lots and lots of Green Meanies here.

    What's Great About Farming Here

    Some say there are always Legendary Enemies here, and sometimes you will find none at all. This is the case with a lot of places, it all depends on how the game is feeling.

    If not Legendary’s you will find plenty more here, from caps to XP to generic weapon cap fodder.

    Due to an XP nerf to Super Mutants, you will gain less XP than you would at another farming spot like the Whitespring, but you are more likely to have the zone to yourself.

    A good place to farm weapons to scrap down into modifications.

    One Violent Night

    An Event that spawns at the Sons of Dane compound, in which the players (I say Players and not singular because this event is a pain to do solo. Bring a friend, but it’s not impossible to solo if you know your build and are bringing the heat) need to raise enough of a musical ruckus and rock out on the instruments in the compound enough to draw the attention of the nearby enemies...and eventually, a Legendary Wendigo, known as the Nightstalker.

    What's Great About Farming Here

    A guaranteed Legendary Spawn is the real reward.

    You’ll also clean up with some decent XP from the event and all the enemies you had to kill to keep them off the players manning the instruments.

    The Uranium Fever Event

    An event that spawns in the world at random intervals at Blackwater Mine. The event involves the players attempting to extract materials while being hit by waves of Mole Miners.

    What's Great About Farming Here

    Three Star Mole Miners spawn during the course of the event, with a max level of 40.

    In my experience, there are almost always players hitting Uranium Fever, or none at all, it really depends on the mood of the world you happen to spawn into at the time in question.

    According to discussions on forums and elsewhere the Event appears to be random rather than daily, triggered when a player wanders into the area, so doing a bit of server hopping between may net you another chance at the event.

    The Whitespring Resort

    Do you ever wonder why the Whitespring is always getting nuked? It’s not just to grief players who might need or want to go there to do a bit of shopping (not that that isn’t why some do it...the jerks…). The area beyond the safety of the resort building proper is teeming with ghouls, which when nuked, only get spicier and more profitable with the high radiation.

    What's Great About Farming Here

    While the Whitespring Resort itself is sort of a safe haven thanks to the large collection of defensive robots keeping the perimeter, the buildings around including the Presidential Cabin, are home to some fairly vicious ghouls, with at least one or two Legendary Enemies present holding court on any one visit I’ve ever made.

    Nuking the area only makes the Legendary potential higher, and the Ghouls will seem to just keep coming, easily doubling your profit.

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