Tips to Cean and Spot Damage on Your Rattan Furniture

  • Rattan, which is made from plant fibers, is both durable and flexible, making it well-suited for use as furniture. Even with these desirable qualities, rattan Leisure Chair requires special care to ensure its longevity. It's the Goldilocks of furniture material, never happy unless it receives its preferred treatment: moderate conditions that are neither too humid nor too dry to avoid mold, mildew or brittleness. Keeping the furniture clean and storing it in a suitable environment ensure that it will last for years to come.

    Clean the surface regularly. A monthly or even weekly cleaning is the best way to protect your rattan furniture and prevent major damage. Clean with a little dishwashing detergent diluted into water. Skim the suds off the top of the water with a soft cloth and then wipe the furniture's surface without getting the wood wet. Be sure to get into crevices and grooves with a toothbrush or other small brush.

    Care for stains or other major damage immediately. Use detergent and a cloth to scrub out stains as soon as they occur. For more serious damage like cracking or splitting of the wood, try boiled linseed oil to put moisture back into the material. For the real tough stuff, contact a rattan or wicker expert who can care for the wood with expertise.

    How to spot damage on your rattan furniture

    To spot damage on your rattan furniture you will have to look for 3 things.

    -Faded color

    Faded color is the most common damage that your rattan might have. While it is not as harmful as the other two, it is definitely making your furniture set look old and ugly. Renewing it will make a big difference and will brighten up your backyard by a lot.

    -Broken weaving

    This is probably the worst thing to happen to your rattan piece. Once the weaving is broken it will only get worse if you do not repair it. Don’t worry I will describe the full procedure later and make sure that you get it fixed as soon as possible.

    -Damaged weaving

    This is when your weaving is clearly damaged but not broken yet. If that is the case for you, then you are lucky that you can prevent the breaking of the weaving before it even occurs.

    Once you spot any of those 3 signs I recommend that you do not lose any time and immediately start with the repair/renewal. You will need some special products for this. I do not recommend using regular glue or paint.

    A regular clean keeps cane furniture looking great and remaining strong; with these tips, you can handle the task with ease. If you require more information, then please feel free to contact Inshare Furniture(Zhejiang) Co., Ltd or visit our site: insharefurniture