Different Materials of Outdoor Lounge Set

    1. solid wood Garden Lounge Set

    High-end category: solid wood garden lounge set made of teak, mahogany and cypress wood, corrosion-resistant, no paint or other protective coating. After a period of time, these beautiful pieces became silver-gray within a year.

    Mid-end class: solid wood garden lounge set made of hawthorn, sea eucalyptus, and red walnut. It has strong anti-corrosion ability. The PU paint is beautiful and durable. Due to the characteristics of real garden lounge set, such as pine, fir and oak.

    1. wrought iron outdoor lounge set

    Iron-cast outdoor garden lounge set, he is much heavier than aluminum, and will be more durable than aluminum, but wrought iron outdoor garden lounge set is very easy to rust. Iron outdoor garden lounge set requires regular care and maintenance, and occasional lacquer makeup is required. Iron can be patterned in many different styles, except for the elegant Victorian style that dates back to the end of the 19th century. Outdoor garden lounge set made of wrought iron material is also suitable for outdoor conditions where the wind is relatively large, because its weight makes it difficult for him to be The wind blows away or overturns.

    1. plastic and resin outdoor lounge set

    Outdoor garden lounge set with plastic or resin materials, the most important feature is the low price, limited choice of style and color. Then, low-cost materials for outdoor garden lounge set make it easier for you to choose, and you can always update and replenish it at any time. Some plastic garden lounge set is made from recycled materials, it may be thicker, looks like wood, and does not need to be painted.

    1. rattan garden lounge set

    PE vine is made of high-quality artificial fiber, which is UV-resistant, insect-resistant, anti-corrosive, waterproof, never faded, and durable. The aluminum frame is made of aluminum tube with a thickness of 1.2mm or more to ensure sufficient support of the bracket.

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