Path of Exile 3.20 Manifesto: Archnemesis will die in the futur

  • Currently it is hard to say that Path of Exile is the most attractive game on the list, recently the jewel changes GGG has said they will be making in 3.20, but they seem to rather lackluster and uninteresting. However today GGG released a balanced Manifesto, that grabbed my attention. In Path of Exile 3.20, GGG is removing Archnemesis and replacing it with something else, so let's go ahead and take a look at this Manifesto.

    Firstly, mods are going to do one thing, and this is an absolutely huge change, back then there is a single modifier in a very large pool of mods, and monsters can have up to four different mods, giving you a monster with potentially tons of different modifiers that you had no idea what they were since modifier names weren't terribly descriptive. In 3.20 this Archnemesis mod system is out, and all mods are now going to do one thing only, and this will make it very easy to tell what modifiers are on Monsters. The simplification of mods will make encounters less complex on average, because the mod pool will be much more diluted. I do wonder if they're still going to limit the number of modifiers to monsters or not, if this is the case, it's much easier to kill more monsters and farm more POE 3.20 Currency/Orbs, which would be a really good thing.

    Right now four modifier Archnemesis monsters can have an effect up to 20 actual modifiers since each Archnemesis mod does have six different things on average. My biggest concern for 3.20 is that they will remove the cap of modifiers and monsters, and we will once again end up with a 20 modifier book under each monster that sure if we screenshot it and read each modifier we'd be able to know exactly what the monster is doing. Hopefully GGG keeps the cap of modifiers on monsters at something reasonable.

    Next up, it looks like GGG is going to be killing the magic-find culling meta, this change is something that I think most people can agree on. The current magic-find culling meta is very annoying, makes the game feel terrible to play and is overall unhealthy for the game economy. So how is this gonna work? Going forward the items that drop from rare monsters won't be linked to specific modifiers themselves, and will become a hidden stat. It will still encourage players to run magic-find but you'll need to be running magic-find all the time now, as it was intended that you will no longer Buy POE Currency when you come across a specific monster.

    GGG did say that monsters with more modifiers will drop more loot, but you just won't know what type of loot it will be dropping. So generally I think this is a great change, GGG sounds like they are finally letting Archnemesis die, also start listening to the content that majority of players want.

    Thus if you want to know more about the POE 3.20 content, we will keep updating Path of Exile latest news. Stay tuned!