The Bond Between Ignition Coils And Spark Plugs

  •   Are the ignition coils causing the check engine light to turn on?

      The Distributor Ignition Coils connect to the spark plugs so the combustion chamber can ignite. If the spark plugs do not spark with enough power, the engine will stall. Since the coils connect to the plugs and this connection must power the engine, one failing part can turn the check engine light on. Without a computer analysis, it may be difficult to tell if the ignition coils are the check engine light problem.

      Is there a problem with the ignition coils?

      These small coils carry electrical power for engine ignition. Every car operates differently, but all ignition coils must provide the spark plugs with enough energy to spark. The check engine light can pick up on this connection and sense if there is an issue. The ignition coils may experience problems because the spark plugs begin to fail or the entire car overheats. An overheating engine can damage any of the parts that connect to it.

      Should I install new ignition coils?

      Coils and spark plugs can become loose. If the driver sees the check engine light, consider getting computer diagnostics that can examine if the coils are loose or they need replacement. Drivers should not make any repairs or install new parts without a computer scan for their vehicle. Look for potential ignition coil issues as well like:

      Car loses fuel economy

      Stalling or hesitant engine

      Unfamiliar engine sounds while driving

      Can I prevent ignition coil problems?

      Like any check engine light problem, preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid issues with the vehicle. Preventative maintenance can save the ignition coils from failing or losing their connection to the spark plugs. Drivers should act if they see the check engine light turn on, but they should consistently act before this issue even occurs. Stop ignition coil problems by changing the spark plugs and other parts. The spark plugs can fail and cause damage to these coils too.

      The bond between ignition coils and spark plugs is major so keep an eye on the check engine light. This warning could save both parts from failure. Tightening coils is a simple repair for check engine lights or regular maintenance. Keep this information in mind if the check engine light appears in your vehicle and schedule a computer analysis for an exact diagnosis.

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