Blizzard hinted at the fate of a key World of Warcraft Classic

  • In the upcoming Chain of Dominance update, players will battle Sylvanas Windrunner in the Sanctuary of Dominance raid.

    Gamereactor interviewed World of Warcraft developers - CTO Frank Kowalkowski and lead quest designer Johnny Cash. The authors talked about the new raid dungeon Sanctuary of Domination from the first update to the Shadowlands addon.

    According to the authors, the outcome of the battle with Sylvanas (one of the raid bosses) will affect her fate and the future of the Dark Lands with WoW TBC gold for sale. Also, the fight with one of the main antagonists of the expansion will be the culmination of the storyline that Blizzard has built for many years.


    “There will be several phases in the battle, and you will be able to see the different incarnations of Sylvanas in which she has been in recent years. Players will be introduced to her image as a Ranger General, the Banshee Queen, and the ongoing transformation of Maw's lieutenant and Jailer's ally with insane powers. They will fight all versions of Sylvanas. This is visually impressive and challenging combat, one of the most epic combat we've ever done in the game. This is a worthy culmination of Sylvanas' story right now. ”- Cash.


    Chains of Dominance is slated for release on June 30th. The update set an anti-record for the game for the duration of the release since the release of the Shadowlands add-on - players have not received new content for seven months. In the update, players will receive a new zone of the Womb - Cortia. In addition to the Sanctuary of Domination raid, players will find a new dungeon - the Tazavesh Secret Market.