Do you like Underworld?

  • There are two races in the dark underground world - vampires and werewolves, and the two races have been in a state of struggle with each other. The vampire tribe rules the underground world, the werewolf tribe is in a weak position, and both sides are arranging for the elimination of each other.

    The vampire female warrior "The Goddess of the Moon" Selene learned that the werewolves attempted to kidnap the human doctor Michael. Sensitive Selene thought that there was a sinister conspiracy in her decision to investigate the matter alone but she was seriously injured. Fortunately, she met Michael's help. Selene brought Michael into the vampire territory, but found Michael's secret on the way: Michael is a mixed race of werewolves and vampires. This mixed bloodline gives Michael some sort of mysterious power, so his werewolf compatriots attempt to eat his blood. Defeat the power of the vampire. Selene gradually fell in love with Michael in getting along with Michael. However, the two tribes did not stop fighting because of their love, and a big battle began.

    Selene is a beautiful and charming vampire female warrior. She has a pair of steel-like tough eyes that make the werewolf feel sorrowful. With the hatred of the wolf, she devoted all her energy to the werewolf because she believed that when she was very young, the werewolf maimed her family.

    Selene was adopted by Victor, one of the vampire leaders. Vicker not only made her never die, but also trained her more powerful than the average vampire, which also made her relatively independent. Selene’s weapons are two silver bullets that can kill the werewolves. She hardly believes in anyone, and has always suspected that the wolf will become stronger and stronger, pushing the vampires into extremely dangerous situations.

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    In the movie, Selene has a black robes with black boots, the coat is made of leather, which adds a sense of skill to her character.

    One of the highlights of the movie is the fight between the heroine and the enemy, and this dress makes her look even cooler.Don't miss the show, hurry and check it out.