Late 2nd Anniversary Cake | how to grow ACNH bamboo

  • In March, Animal Crossing players did not receive the 2nd Anniversary cake and item updates in the mail, but you can learn to grow ACNH bamboo.



    March 20, 2020 -- March 20, 2022, is the 2nd anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons. For New Horizons fans, it's a day to celebrate. On this day I am looking forward to more anniversary rewards from the developers as much as other players. In the past 1st anniversary, our players have received celebratory gifts by email. But not this time. Thankfully. We can also choose Buy Bells Animal Crossing to participate in the construction of the island.



    In November 2021, Nintendo announced that it would no longer support any major updates to ACNH in the future. But we fans can receive a 2nd Anniversary cake which is basic. After all, just upgrading the 2nd Anniversary cake and other anniversary items is not part of a major update. To everyone's surprise, however, Nintendo didn't even post any tweets related to the anniversary.


    Regardless of whether it is officially announced or not, some users still have some expectations for in-game rewards. There are still some players who still maintain their trust in Nintendo. They don't think Nintendo will give up their fans so easily. Unlimited items, discounts on all goods.



    ACNH Bamboo

    ACNH Bamboo


    Bamboo is a plant, a type of tree. It is not native to the island. You can only get it by planting. Bamboo is very rare. A successfully planted Bamboo is slender, tall, and overall green. It will make your mood very happy.



    Participating in a Myst Island tour is the fastest way to get bamboo. Regrettably. This needs to be very lucky, as all Myst Island tours are completely random. If you're lucky, you can get Bamboo Shoots and Young Spring Bamboo through hard work.



    Bamboo Shoots: Tap the star icon in the island clearing or get Bamboo Shoots from Daisy Mae for a great price.

    Reminder: Bamboo Shoots only have a short lifespan. Once you get bamboo shoots off the island, go home and plant them in the ground!

    Spring Bamboo: The Young Spring Bamboo is a limited-time seasonal item, and the Young Spring Bamboo will drop by cutting bamboo. Only in spring. Be sure to plant them before the end of spring!

    Bamboo DIY recipes: Pop the spring pop balloons for a chance to get Bamboo DIY Recipes. It is possible to get duplicate DIY recipes.



    Bamboo DIY Recipes contains regular Bamboo recipes and Bamboo recipes featuring Young Spring Bamboo. These are all part of Bamboo DIY Recipes. Collect Bamboo DIY Recipes to make Bamboo Noodle Slide. Isabelle will help you too. as she will send you DIY Recipes for the bamboo slides in islandwide announcements. There are monthly differences in the northern and southern hemispheres. The more bamboo you get, the more finished products you can craft. If you have limited time, going to the store and choosing Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells is also one way to solve your current troubles.



    Bamboo DIY Recipes List

    Bamboo bench: Bamboo x8

    Bamboo sphere: Bamboo x3

    Bamboo speaker: Bamboo x3, Iron nugget x1

    Bamboo wall decoration: Bamboo x1

    Bamboo wall: Bamboo x15

    Dark bamboo rug: Bamboo x15

    Bamboo drums: Bamboo x3

    Bamboo sphere: Bamboo x3

    Bamboo shelf: Bamboo x15

    Bamboo stopblock: Bamboo x3

    Bamboo candleholder: Bamboo x3, Clay x2

    Bamboo lunch box: Bamboo x4

    Bamboo basket: Bamboo x7

    Bamboo floor lamp: Bamboo x8

    Bamboo flooring: Bamboo x15

    Bamboo lamp: Young spring bamboo x4, Bamboo shoot x5, Clay x4

    Bamboo doll Bamboo doll: Young spring bamboo x6

    Light bamboo rug: Young spring bamboo x6

    Bamboo-grove wall: Young spring bamboo x7

    Bamboo wand: Young spring bamboo x6, Star fragment x3

    Green-leaf Pile: Young spring bamboo x1, Clump of weed x10

    Bamboo noodle slide: Young spring bamboo x7, Wood x3

    Basket pack: Young spring bamboo x6

    Steamer-basket set: Young spring bamboox6

    Pan flute: Young spring bamboo x7