Which Animal Crossing villagers have birthdays in March?

  • Every villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons has a specific birthday and zodiac sign. Among them, 39 villagers had their birthdays in March.



    March is a lucky month. Because the first anniversary of Animal Crossing was held in March. This March marks the 2nd anniversary of Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing 1st Anniversary with First-Anniversary Cake. The 2nd anniversary will also be the ACNH 2nd Anniversary cake with a high probability. Memorable events are worth celebrating. The same goes for the villagers' birthdays. Don't forget. With enough Animal Crossing Bells, you can buy anything on sale.

    2nd Anniversary from ACNH


    Animal villagers with birthdays in March belong to Pisces and Aries, respectively, according to the horoscope. On the villagers' birthdays, you can give them a gift. You can choose gifts based on the gender and character of the villagers. If the gift is well received, your relationship with that villager will greatly improve.



    ACNH Villagers Birthday List

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    March 1 – Coco, Female Rabbit, Pisces.

    March 2 – Barold, Male Cub, Pisces.

    March 3 – Bonbon, Female Rabbit, Pisces.

    March 4 – Anchovy, Male Bird, Pisces.

    March 5 – Gala, Female Pig, Pisces.

    March 6 – Chevre, Female Goat, Pisces. Chai, Female Elephant, Pisces.

    March 7 – Molly, Female Duck, Pisces. Fishing Tourney Host C.J., Male Beaver, Pisces.

    March 8 – Zucker, Male Octopus, Pisces. Postal Pelican Pete, Male Pelican, Pisces.

    March 9 – Cyrano, Male Anteater, Pisces.

    March 10 – Judy, Female Cub, Pisces.

    March 11 – Hopkins, Male Rabbit, Pisces. The Terrifying Zipper, Male Rabbit, Pisces.

    March 12 – Midge, Female Bird, Pisces.

    March 13 – Megan, Female Bear, Pisces.

    March 14 – Dotty, Female Rabbit, Pisces.

    March 15 – Julian, Male Horse, Pisces.

    March 16 – Doc, Male Rabbit, Pisces.

    March 17 – Cheri, Female Cub, Pisces.

    March 18 – Dom, Male Sheep, Pisces.

    March 19 – Merengue, Female Rhino, Pisces. Postal Pelican Pelly, Female Pelican, Pisces.

    March 20 – Hornsby, Male Rhino, Pisces.

    March 21 – Elise, Female Monkey, Aries. Faith, Female Koala, Aries.

    March 22 – Paula, Female Bear, Aries.

    March 23 – Axel, Male Elephant, Aries.

    March 24 – Skye, Female Wolf, Aries.

    March 25 – Billy, Male Goat, Aries. Celia, Female Eagle, Aries.

    March 26 – Louie, Male, Gorilla, Aries. Fauna, Female Deer, Aries.

    March 27 – Lolly, Female Cat, Aries.

    March 28 – Baabara, Female Sheep, Aries.

    March 29 – Biff, Male Hippo, Aries.

    March 30 – Felicity, Female Cat, Aries.

    March 31 – Klaus, Male Bear, Aries.



    Every villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons has a birthday. We have limited space per island, so you need to make a choice. Every villager on your island was invited by you. So you just need to keep track of the villagers on your island. Don't be too greedy. After all. your island can only invite up to 10 villagers.


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