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    About Animal Crossing

    Animal Crossing is a casual puzzle game. In doing the game, the player lives on an island with various other animal villagers. Players who log in to the game, as island owners, have the task of creating and upgrading island star ratings. Anything a real villager can do can be done in an Animal Crossing sim. Such as fishing, replenishing, taking tasks, drinking coffee, etc. Game time is synchronized with real-time.



    There are now five Animal Crossing games since its first release in 2001. No matter which game it is, the purpose of the game is for players to relax. No failure, no finish, no stress. Any tool you need in the game is easily available through Buy Animal Crossing Bells.




    Main series

    The first game was Animal Crossing, released in 2001.

    The second was Animal Crossing: Wild World, released in 2005.

    The third was Animal Crossing: City Folk, released in 2008.

    The fourth was Animal Crossing: New Leaf, released in 2012.

    The fifth is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, released in 2020.



    Derivative Games

    The first game was Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, released in 2015.

    The second was Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festiva, released in 2015.

    The third was Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, released in 2017.




    Each series has a certain number of villagers. Animal Crossing New Horizons has gone through the November 2021 2.0 update with 413 villagers. Each villager has its character. Find your favorite friends from male and female villagers and develop friendships. Among them, several special villagers play an important role.




    Tom Nook is a male civet cat. He runs the Nook Cranny store and works at the Resident Services Centre. Nook's Cranny allows players to buy and sell goods. Tom Nook hires Timmy and Tommy runs Nook's Cranny. The Nook at the Resident Services Center provides players with home loans and various upgrades while allowing them to repay them without interest. This is sweet. If you're looking for the richest man on the island, I think it's Tom Nook.



    KK Slider is a male canine musician. He plays music for players for free. If you want KK Slider to appear on your island, you need to upgrade the island to 3 stars first. This is the basic condition for inviting KK Slider. After successfully inviting KK Slider, you can also order songs by yourself. This is your right.



    Isabelle is a gentle female villager. She often plays the role of assistant and secretary. In New Leaf, Isabelle is the mayor's secretary. She does most of the tutorial work for the player. Isabelle can help you solve island activities and unhappiness with villagers. At Happy Home Designer, Isabelle is the head of development in town. Talk to her if you want to unlock schools, cafes, hospitals, and department stores.




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