Will there be a 2.0.6 update for ACNH 2nd Anniversary?

  • In November 2021, Nintendo brought a massive update to Animal Crossing New Horizons. Will there be version 2.0.6 about ACNH 2nd Anniversary now?


    The Animal Crossing 2.0 update brings many items and features to the game. At least over 1200 unique items have been added to the last game. If you count the different color changes of items, the total number of new items can even exceed 9000. Choose your favorite ACNH Items and buy Cheap ACNH Items. You will spend the least Bells and get the most items.

    Animal Crossing 2nd Anniversary


    As of March 20, Animal Crossing New Horizons has turned 2 years old. Referring to last year's ACNH 1st Anniversary, I think this ACNH 2nd Anniversary is also a special festival. While Nintendo announced back in November 2021. It wouldn't release any major free updates for Animal Crossing New Horizons. But players are still eager for more features and items in New Horizons.


    Nintendo has released five updates to the game since version 2.0 was released. Under normal circumstances, after connecting to the Internet, your game version can be automatically upgraded to the latest version. If there is no automatic upgrade, you need to find the software version setting and upgrade manually.


    9 Major Updates

    Animal Crossing Free Update


    1. Cooking and New Crops: New DIY Recipes and crops.

    2. Gyroids: Added small musical furniture creature Gyroid.

    3. Hav's Island Shopping Plaza: Newly added shopping venue.

    4. New Villagers: Ione, Sasha, Tiansheng, Shino, Marlo, Petri, Cephalobot, Quinn, Chabwick.

    5. Increased Storage and Improved Movement: Three new upgrades expand storage space.

    6. The Roost and Brewster Return: The 2.0 update brings back Brewster's Cafe, also known as The Roost.

    7. New Island Customization Options: New island customization options. The entire island action depends on your commands.

    8. New Furniture and Home Customization: New furniture including Ceiling Decor, Froggy Chair, and How to Remove Accent Walls.

    9. Permanent Ladder Set Up Kits: The new ladder DIY can be placed directly next to the cliff for easy use.


    9 Major Fixes

    ACNH Adjustments and fixed issues


    1. Gyroids can now be unearthed.

    2. Kapp'n can now offer boat tours.

    3. Home storage can be expanded.

    4. New hairstyles and Reactions have been added.

    5. Additional limited-time seasonal items will be available from Nook Shopping.

    6. New Activities:  Add new elements to Nook Mileage/Nook Miles.

    7. It's now possible to use all of the Animal Crossing series Amiibo to invite characters to Photopia.

    8. The limited-time seasonal items from Nook Shopping will continue to be available every year as well.

    9. Additional items are available for purchase from various retailers like Nook's Cranny and the Able Sisters.



    The majority of Animal Crossing New Horizons fans are 18 to 24 years old, and young players are very much looking forward to the new items released this 2nd anniversary. Combined with the special day of March 20, fans seem to have reason to believe that they may also be participating in update 2.0.6.



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