Upcoming Animal Crossing 2nd Anniversary Celebration at ACbells

  • ACNH 2nd Anniversary Celebration at ACbellsbuy

    During the event, players can enjoy 10% OFF on the Acbellsbuy website. ACbellsbuy is gearing up for the upcoming Animal Crossing 2nd anniversary. Whether you buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells or Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, you'll get great deals.

    ACNH 2nd Anniversary Celebration at ACbellsbuy


    As of March 2022, Animal Crossing New Horizons will be available for 2 years. We at ACbellsbuy are preparing for our 2nd Anniversary as a professional trading site. On the 1st anniversary, all players who updated to version 1.9.0 received a letter from Nintendo Nook Inc. The letter is accompanied by a special anniversary cake gift.


    The 1st Anniversary cake consists of 2 layers. The cake is green overall and looks very refreshing. The cake features an apple tree, a cedar tree, a ladder, and shrub flowers of different colors. There is a leaf-shaped biscuit with the words Nook Inc on top. There is also a celebratory red candle next to it that you can blow out and relight.

    1st Anniversary cakes


    Based on experience, once you miss the anniversary cake, you will not be able to get the anniversary item even if you use time travel to go back to the missed time. As a professional trading website, ACBellsBuy can meet the needs of players. Pay attention to website updates and buy ACNH Items. we will provide you with the latest news updates and item updates.