Animal Crossing 2nd Anniversary Update Celebration

  • Time flies and Animal Crossing New Horizons will celebrate its 2nd Anniversary in March 2022. As is customary, Animal Crossing's 2nd birthday also brings an anniversary cake, anniversary items, and anniversary updates.



    ACNH 2nd Anniversary Celebration

    March 20, 2020, is when Animal Crossing New Horizons officially launches on Switch. Nintendo updated the 1st Anniversary cake for the 1st anniversary. So, this year there will be a 2nd Anniversary cake. Follow the latest news, choose Buy Animal Crossing Designs, and always be ready.

    Animal Crossing 2nd Anniversary

    There will also be special furniture and clothes for the anniversary celebration, and players can get 2nd Anniversary candles by collecting event-specific materials. Complete tasks on time to get anniversary items. It will be very helpful to have ACNH Bells ready in advance for the upcoming 2nd anniversary.



    ACNH 2nd Anniversary Update

    Players who have experienced the November 2021 update will know that Nintendo says it will no longer offer a free major update. With the 2nd anniversary approaching, free small item updates are available. This 2nd anniversary is a good time for players to return to the big island home. Therefore, this update is also an expectation of most players.



    ACNH 2nd Anniversary Cake

    Last year's 1st Anniversary cake was attributed to miscellaneous furniture items. If you have worked hard on 1st Anniversary cakes, you will know that the colors of 1st Anniversary cakes are colorful. On the very top are Nook Inc. leaves, an apple tree, a cedar tree, a ladder, and a topographic hard hat. Small shrubs complete the cake decoration on each side and a candle on top that you can blow out and rekindle.

    First-Anniversary Cake

    Not all players can get the 1st Anniversary cake. Only players who have upgraded the game version to version 1.9.0 are eligible. Players upgrading to 1.9.0 will receive a letter from Nook Inc. This is what is allowed. Keep in mind that once you upgrade again. Once you upgrade to version 1.10.0, you will miss the anniversary cake.


    Anniversary cakes fall under the Furniture Items category. Open the backpack to find a suitable place for your souvenir cake. Floors and tables are permitted. No matter where it is placed, this is great decoration.


    An anniversary cake placement requires a 1.0 x 1.0 size. You can buy it for 0,000 Animal Crossing bells if your account is full enough. When you buy and sell again, you will only get 5000 bells. If you're in Happy Home Paradise, you'll only be allowed to unlock the anniversary cake for use in holiday home designs after you've completed 27-holiday homes.


    ACNH 2nd Anniversary Items

    As of now, Nintendo has not released a 2nd Anniversary notice. According to the analysis of community players, Nintendo has previously stated that there will be no more free major updates, but this time it is the 2nd Anniversary celebration that is important. It's possible to add an anniversary item or two to the game for a limited time.  Many community players have reported that Nintendo should listen to players' voices. With the anniversary coming up, we hope Nintendo will give us more updates on anniversary items. Pay attention to Acbellsbuy news, we will make news updates in time. We also offer a Buy Animal Crossing NMT service, online 24/7.