How do I use Dodo Code in Animal Crossing?

  • Dodo Code Animal Crossing is used to invite friends or family to your island. The dodo is an extinct animal in real life. A few years ago, Dodo entered Animal Crossing New Horizons as a villager. Animal Crossing New Horizons features two dodos, Wilbur and Orville. They operate Dodo Airlines.


    Orville and Wilbur at work looked professional in their suits. When they go to work, they all wear formal clothes and are very professional. With a handsome pair of sunglasses on his face, Wilbur is easily distinguishable from Orville. Buy ACNH Gold is a great idea if you want to have Orville's Photo.

    5 random Dodo Codes

    Animal Crossing Dodo Code

    Dodo codes can be obtained by talking to Orville inside Dodo Airlines and asking about his visitors and telling him to allow friends or any player to come to your island. The code will be a random 5 character code. To avoid Misflying, the code needs to be memorized carefully. Players can share dodo codes with friends. If you have multiple friends to visit, just tell them the code.


    Standing in the island clearing, the entire island layout will be displayed in the lower right corner of the Nintendo Switch. According to the map, head towards the airport signs to arrive at Dodo Airlines. Dodo Airlines provides 24-hour air transportation and mail services. The mail service only supports online services, and it takes 200 bells to send a letter. While doing business, you can also hear their exclusive Dodo Air theme music.

    Animal Crossing Orville and Wilbur

    Dodo Airlines Gifts

    When you fly multiple times with DAL, your Nintendo Account can receive different gifts based on the number of flights and points earned with Fado Airlines. There are 11 gifts in total, only one of which is customizable. These include DAL Tee, DAL Eye Mask, DAL Slipper, DAL Mug, DAL Apron, DAL Cap, DAL Umbrella, DAL Backpack, DAL Bomber Jacket, and DAL Model Aircraft.


    The official flying plane is yellow and looks very cute. Players can also use the Nook Miles Ticket for Mystery Tour. These can be earned at Nook Stop for 2,000 Nook Miles. This will take them to an island with trees, bugs, fish, and items that may not be accessible on the player's island. Best used with Acbellsbuy when you get into the game. Because we will provide any ACNH Items that you can't collect through quests. Choose Buy Cheap ACNH Gold to help you quickly perfect your island and upgrade your island quickly.