How rare is the Gold Nugget in ACNH Items?

  • Gold Nugget Animal Crossing is a Crafting Material that is very rare. Gold can be obtained by hitting rocks or shooting down balloons. If you want to make gold tools or certain furniture, then you need enough Gold Nuggets. Gold Nuggets can be stacked in the player's backpack, up to 30 at a time. For a more convivial time on the island, opting for Buy Animal Crossing NMT is also a good idea.


    Animal Crossing New Horizons players get the right DIY Recipes to craft golden tools. As far as I know, Animal Crossing involves 81 gold-related tools. Including Golden Axe, ACNH Golden Shovel, Golden Net, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden Slingshot and Golden Watering Can, etc. It's important to note that each DIY Recipe is obtained through a different source. For example, the Golden shovel DIY recipe needs to help Gulliver 30 times. Golden Slingshot needs to fire balloons 300 times.

    Hit rocks to get Gold Nugget


    Getting the Gold Nugget for free requires the rocks on the island. Hit the rock hard with a spade or Axe, and the Gold may drop. If you're lucky, maybe you'll get the Largest Gold Nugget. If you are tired, you need to eat some fruit to regain strength. Then keep hitting the rocks with the shovel.


    There's also a chance to get a Gold Nugget by popping the balloons floating above the island. In short, to get higher rocks, you need to find all the rocks and floating balloons on your island. It's not impossible for the ACNH Golden Tools you use to break during the process of getting gold nuggets, but they do last for a while. Once the gold tool is damaged, you just need to go to the crafting bench and prepare the materials to make it again.

    hit rock with Golden Shovel


    If you want to earn enough ACNH Bells. Earning enough Gold nuggets is one of the easiest ways. Gold nuggets are valuable metals that can be used to craft and sell a large number of bells. Sell the gold nuggets you collected to Tom Nook for 1Gold=10000bells. Sorry to tell you that Gold is not for sale and cannot be obtained by purchase. But there is good news to share with you. Acbellsbuy offers Animal Crossing all ACNH Items. Including Rare Villager, Golden Tool, ACNH Furniture Sets, Nook Miles Tickets, and ACNH NMT. As long as you need it, we can solve your problem.