What Items Can Hemp Fiber Be Used To Craft In The New World?

  • While in New World players can buy a variety of items at trading stations, most items in this game can be crafted. Players need to make armor for themselves and equip their homes with props. That's when we need Hemp Fiber, a material made from fibers that are not only a widely used resource in itself but also required for processing brocade and other fine fibers on looms.

    Fiber is required to craft most items in the New World, as fiber is used to make all kinds of cloth in the New World. Let's introduce the items that need to use fiber in New World.

    Linen: The only ingredient needed to make linen is fiber. Level 2 Loom is required and players can use it at the minimum skill level. Linen is used to making a variety of primary and secondary clothing.

    Wooden Fishing Pole: Fiber needed to make fishing line. Requires a level 1 camp or level 2 workshop.

    Wicker Basket: A convenient decoration in the player's home. This belongs to the furniture category and can be made in a workshop with hand-collected reeds.

    Rusty Iron Lantern: Another furnishing item, it can hang anywhere inside or outside the player's house. Oil and iron are also required, which are gathered using a pickaxe.

    Warm Iron Chandelier: A chic light fixture for a humble home. This can only be placed inside. Oil and iron are also needed.

    Round Sunny Rug: Made of flax and fibers. It looks great on a porch or in front of a fireplace.

    Cerulean Drapes: When your home needs a gorgeous, heavy look, use some blue paint and some iron ingots to create these pretty curtains.

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