RuneScape - I received the free membership

  • There's a good chance I'll get more questions, but OSRS GP here's a few for starters. If anyone needs pictures of how I received the free membership, I've screen-shot it and the desktop is still there. I'm not certain why I got it, perhaps it was a test of an offer they'll be offering in the near future?

    Which is more valuable? D-chain or berserker ring? What's better? SS as above, or the fury? Barrows: If I go for black sallies, and I want to use it for Karil/Ahrim, what do I put on? If a ss is equipped with similar stats to whips, why is it great to slay? It's like having no shield with it? Does the ss's unique quality make it a good thing? What's more preferable? SS or Brackish with D Def? What is the time it would take for a D-Def to require? How long would fighter's toros require to be able to purchase?

    Earning money on the cheap? I'd say it's easier than it used to be. Now, you have Lodestones which basically connect you to the major cities. That in itself makes the process simpler. In addition, with the introduction of Divination Daily Locations it's easy to collect items such as Adamant Ore Magic Logs Grenwall Spikes and more. If you're more of the combat-oriented variety, Frost Dragons are still the place to be.

    Is there a steady population for the majority of activities? Many have passed out, unfortunately. Some activities (like Castle Wars and Barbarian Assault) are required to obtain the Completionists Cape, therefore you'll likely locate players playing those games.

    Where should I begin if I wanted to begin? Herb runs can go quite a distance. Also, I know that the changes could be overwhelming initially, so I'd recommend playing on Legacy Mode first. It's similar to OSRS buy gold the previous version from 2011 to 2012. game.