All combat stats from Lost Ark explained

  • When your advanced class and Lost Ark Gold class selection is made, you'll be introduced to the world with different class skills to master and acquire. The first step to becoming the most dangerous version of yourself is understanding how combat statistics function. These are different from standard stats like Attack and Health and have greater impact when you improve them.

    All combat stats from Lost Ark explainedHere's everything you need to know about the six combat stats in Lost Ark.Your Crit stat affects your Critical Rate, which is how often you make critical attacks. This rate determines the percentage that your attacks are likely to be being critical. However, your Crit statistic does not determine how much damage a critical attack inflicts (default is +100 percent).Domination

    Your Domination stat determines how much damage you inflict on those who have been disabled, or impaired. This applies to enemies that have been Staggered (stunned) or Pushed (moved) or defused.

    Swiftness. Your Swiftness stat determines how quick you are during combat. This stat enhances your move speed as well as attack speed and also reduces the duration of your cooldowns for your class skills. Endurance. It is the Endurance stat is key to your defense and health and is a crucial battle stat that tank players to prioritize. Endurance boosts your physical and magical defense, and also the efficacy of healing and shields.

    Expertise. The Expertise stat drastically alters how the effects of Debuffs are felt by you and your foes. Expertise can increase the duration of Debuffs cast on enemies and increases the damage caused by Stagger effects. It also decreases the duration of cheapest Lost Ark Gold Debuffs when they are used on you.