Kilo Watt-Hour Meter -Why Are Meters Important?


    An electricity meter or electric energy meter is a device used to measure the electrical energy consumed by a building, tenant space, or electric equipment.

    Electricity companies use electricity meters installed in customer premises to measure the energy delivered to customers for billing purposes. They are usually calibrated in billing units, the most common unit being kilowatt-hour [kWh]. It is usually read once every billing cycle.

    When it is necessary to save energy in certain periods, some meters can measure the demand, that is, the maximum power usage within a certain interval. "Time of day" metering allows electricity charges to be changed throughout the day to record usage during peak, high-cost periods, and off-peak, low-cost periods. In addition, in some areas, the instrument also has relays to reduce demand response loads during peak loads.

    Why it matters
    Most installed electric meters are analog electric meters, and their display unit is designed to be read visually

    Recently, instruments for energy tracking of granular and cloud connections have been developed.

    This trend helps to achieve better operating performance in buildings. First, by monitoring the energy usage of buildings, equipment, and tenant spaces in real time, operators can immediately identify problems when there are problems with buildings. Second, in terms of maximizing energy efficiency, energy audits are just snapshots of efficiency. Electricity meters that track energy usage in real time can provide continuous visibility to the property.

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